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I am a mom, wife and Certified Personal trainer.  I have been a #bossbabe for over 6years with a company called ThirtyOne and have loved my team and everything I have learned through my journey and before that, I worked part time in different business while being able to stay home with my girls.  I have worked for multiple gyms and have loved fitness since I was 18years old. 

I am passionate about moms and how the average woman does not invest in herself.  BombshellMamas was born after hearing so many women speak so negatively about themselves and how no one has time to spend hours in the gym.  She has created short, easy to follow workouts and family friendly meal plans that any mom can add in to her weekly menu.

In my 20's before married and mom life I was a Zone Girl for the local Sports Radio!  I was able to meet all the Atlanta Sports champs and learn hands on how to market and personal connection with clients and customers.  I knew then, marketing and building my own brand was something I would accomplish one day.  I continued in marketing other brands and went on to tour with PGA Tour and worked as a Cadillac rep, and went on tour with the southeast boat show as Chevrolet rep.  I also worked for many Atlanta companies and stayed busy for 2 full years working full time as a Model Rep for companies.

Singing and music has been a huge part of my life and I toured with a Christian group called Living Word, based out of Toms River, NJ. in 2002.  We traveled the entire South and North East.  Now I sing in my car and my audience is my girls, so I hope one day they can share their love of music with the world like I did.











During that time, I was extremely fit and ran daily up and down Peachtree Street and worked out in my apartment gym.  On my wedding day, I was probably the fittest I have been in my life.  I married my best friend who is a Major in the United States Army and also a K9 handler.  Being a Military and Police wife, has made me become a go with the flow, change your plans last minute and never know what to expect lifestyle to creating the strong bond our marriage needed to weather the storms.  We have challenges of course like any other family, but they have just made us stronger.






Fast forward to 2009, I started working out daily at our local YMCA when my husband left on a deployment and our first daughter was 6months old.  I was so stressed I didn't even know what a normal mom should feel like during that first year of life.  I knew I didn't want to stay in that place so I found working out and taking time for myself actually eased the burden of quasi-single mom life.  I was surrounded by supportive friends, but nothing could fill the void of a spouse being gone and no one could help the inner anxiety I felt at the time.

He came home and everything went back to normal and I continued my workouts.  Then, we had our 2nd daughter and yet again another deployment happened and she was 7months at the time and I was completely distressed.  I found myself in an awful place, so again I started another membership at my local Y, so I could drop the kids off and take care of myself.  I worked out on my own, I would workout with all the trainers for free since I was there so often, and I took group fitness classes and kept myself healthy and active to cure the burden the year long deployments can take on a wife and kids.  During those 2 times I learned I really enjoyed fitness, I enjoyed the community and working out alongside other women was truly my calling and passion.  In 2016 I finally took the plunge while pregnant with my 3rd and working for a local gym I became Primary and Advanced Certified Personal Trainer.  So during that time #Bombshellmamas Fitness was launched and it has been so rewarding to accomplish something I had been passionate about since I was 18!  











My mission now, to help moms love themselves, cure the stresses of mom-hood and incorporate quick and effective workouts into their busy lives, serve easy, healthy family-friendly meals, build friendship with other women on the same journey and connect on a deeper level in our BombshellMama community and to let that inner Bombshell radiate!!

xoxo  Christina

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